Xbox 360 Cheat Engine Use



What is cheating?
Mar 24, 2020
Hello everyone first time user here.
I thank everyone for all that you do here. I've been trying to modify some of my games for xbox 360 using cheat engine. I use a program called Peek Poker to dump the RAM and I'm trying to scan the data. The game I'm trying to work with is Dynasty Warriors Gundam 1 and I'm trying to find my health. I start off at full health and then dump the info, from there I get hurt a little and then dump the info and so on. In total I have 8 different info files from full health to near death. I did the scans on cheat engine with initial value unknown and 4 bytes. From there I choose decreased value to whittle it down. My end result is 80 addresses that I'm trying to modify with peek poker to determine which is the right info. I was wondering if anyone here has ever done this with a game on 360 or PC that has a health bar and knows of a more efficient way to find health with an unknown value. If anyone is interested I have the info I dumped as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.