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What is cheating?
May 6, 2019
Easy. It use 4bytes memory (for items), but, you have to select value from 1 (any) Storage only for search at a time. Do not get value from the (Total) on top, it is individual by storage.

Get value, search, wait to change, search, you've got it in few pass. Even you can narrow memory area when you have few discovered, since most of the inventory items are within same memory area.
Inventory cheat is good enough. Next, maybe we get health, sleep, etc.

Note: You can 'overload' (bypass) max capacity from any storage with items, but it will count against possibility to put more items on that storage if you overpass the storage's total. So be wise in quantities. In fact, if you keep those memory/items live on CE, then when any value goes to low, just change it again for average.

Enjoy it. Nice game