Alder's Blood Prologue

The Mogician

The Mogician

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Mar 4, 2017
Got the game in my sights for quite a bit, and the prologue (demo) just came out. I tried my luck on it without avail. It would be nice to find the health and stamina for the player character.

So far I tried:
1. Direct scans. No luck. I tried 4 byte, float and double. Two floats display the stamina value but changing them doesn't do a thing.
2. Unknown initial scans. No luck here either. Did a few all and increase decrease scans. Found about 30 values but they all doesn't do anything. I did notice that if you lock it the stamina at max level, even if you spend some of it, the spent bars seem to have a different color of shading than the normally spent ones.
3. Searched for consumed values. I thought maybe they track how much stamina/health was spent instead of how much is left? No luck on this either.

Thought might as well


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Feb 15, 2019
so i was a bit curious and gave it a quick look:

:shock: a game that is using Unity's ECS Job System = entity pool system... :roll:

values are 4 bytes
5 stamina bars = 50

every var ingame is a component entity in an array of components, everytime a value changes the component system does replace the entity from a stack list(pool system) = every new value is a new address in memory.
game accesses the vars with the component array + ID
_components[B4] is stamina
_components[48] is health.

game is btw incredible unstable Oo

okay attached a table with a debug feature + stamina pointer.
i didnt bother to make a script for health, its the same system like stamina.




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Oct 18, 2019
Game was recently released. Can you update?