Killing Floor 2 Level 25 and Max Prestige Cheat. [Currently Undetected]



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Sep 28, 2019
Killing Floor 2 v1090 [Current version]

Date : 1 / 16 / 2020 [ill tell you when its patched on here so you people know]

im new here to fearless and wanted to share a killing floor 2 level up hack. To start off i didnt come up with this.
About 4 weeks ago i was scrolling through google and thats when i found a new level up and prestige that actually works. Thanks/Credit to the person who found a way to hack in the current version of the game!

If you want max level and prestige or just want levels follow instructions below

1st - Download Cheat Engine

2nd - Download SuperPerkTrainingDeluxe-v7d [Map] Download here =

3rd - Put The Map into > Steam \ steamapps \ common \ killingfloor2 \ KFGame \ Brewed PC \ Maps < place it in maps folder

4th - Once you have done that Open up the GAME [killing floor 2] and Cheat engine it doesnt matter what one you open first.

5th - When the game has loaded into the main menu, go to cheat engine up the left side there is a little monitor with a magnify glass click it, in the process list find Killing floor 2 then hit OPEN.

6th - Once you have completed that go back ingame and press PLAY SOLO OFFLINE then find the map that you placed into the folder and set the game mode to ENDLESS and difficulty to HELL ON EARTH, once you have selected them hit LAUNCH GAME

7th - Once your ingame if you already have XP go to cheat engine and put your XP in Value box. If you dont have XP at all go into the room and kill 2 Zeds then hit Esc and you will see your XP put that into Value box then hit FIRST SCAN.

8th- If it comes up with alot of searches, kill more Zeds then pause it again and put in your NEW XP into the value box and this time hit NEXT SCAN. Hopefully you will see couple like 3 to 5 of them if not keep repeating until you do. Once you get couple click on 1 of them and it will be highlighted then press CTRL + B

9th - Once you hit CTRL + B it will come up and say MEMORY VIEWER Click on this Where the red is click on that open area first with your left click then Press CTRL + 6, go back to the picture and the black circle is where you have to find those NUMBERS in MEMORY VIEWER down below [you dont have to scroll down at all maybe a wee tiny bit, it automatically starts in the middle]. Warning : the numbers might be in a different column for you so check carefully. If you CANNOT find them in that one go back to your cheat engine and click on another Address on the left side then REPEAT instruction 9 until you get those numbers!

10th - When you have finally found those numbers double click on them one at a time and change all the numbers to 2, once you have completed that go back into the game and start killing Zeds with one of every perk weapon and you will be level 25 on all of them within seconds to minutes. If you want to prestige go back into the main menu and click of one of the perks and hit PRESTIGE. Now if you want to do that all over again as in level 25 and keep prestiging REPEAT Instruction 6 through 10

11th - If you need any help/questions about ANY of this leave them down below and i will answer them when i get time to check or add me on Discord AnimeOnNintendo64#9917


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Nov 20, 2018
Works great! Much appreciated