[Request]Don't Starve



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Aug 9, 2019
I need some help finding the static addresses for this game. I know that I can use console commands all day but I really want to know how to find the addresses on cheat engine and then to eventually turn that into scripts that i'd like to use.

A few ideas that I have are:

One hit kill on certain mobs(if their not all linked)
Picking up 99 of one item from my cursor
Having 1 of an item then CTRL click to drop 99 of that item
Durability cheats for weapons and head lamps.

I can find the value for all the above but they are stored as a double(meaning stored in two different addresses) and also since it is a game maker game the addresses are shared(meaning one address does all sorts of tasks besides just subbing from your health)

I need help, i've asked for it on here before and even in discord but everyone says it's dumb to start this way since it's hard hacking this game and because you can use console commands but I actually enjoy this game and it's one way I know i'll actually learn by doing something I enjoy.

I've watched a lot from Stephen Chapman(even emailed him directly) and also watched a lot of Cheat the game but neither seem to cover a game this screwy. Don't get me wrong though they've made videos about stuff far more complex just not in line with what I am trying to do.

Sorry for the wall of text I just really want to figure this out because right now I get in game and then have to look up about 10 different addresses before I start and if I pick the wrong one out of the list that pop the game crashes.


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Mar 29, 2017
Dont starve isnt game maker. Its just lua. 95% of the game logic is in plain text scripts that get compiled at run time. Also a 'double' isnt two variables. Its a single 'double precision' decimal value.