[Terraria] Looking to get the reforge value from goblin



What is cheating?
Sep 10, 2019
Hello! I've been pretty confident in the use of cheat engine up until this point. My goal is to be able to capture what the current reforge is after clicking the goblins reforge button.

Example: Lets say I press reforge to this hammer. I need a static value to be returned back for each reforge. For this example lets use broken.

1. Pressed Reforge
2. Got Broken Prefix
3. Cheat engine returned 16 (Any number as long as its static per prefix)
4. Pressed again, got light.
5. Cheat engine returned 3
6. Pressed again and got broken again, cheat engine returned 16.

If anyone knows any tricks to help this rookie out please feel free to help me out :oops: Trying to use this value as a read only for making a perfect reforges tool! I love to learn and I'm interested to see how its done. If you would want to message me over discord feel free to add me: D.RU$$#2430