just cause 4



What is cheating?
Aug 23, 2019
so ive been playing around with just cause 4 on the pc.
and I understand some basics of cheat engine
static and dynamics

well I can find ammo value of say like the sw9 auto rifle.
but I noticed when I die the address changes.
also changes when you restart the game.
im playing in offline mode on steam doesn't make a difference
if I am in online mode..

im wanting to learn I noticed there was a post from Sunbeam
but the table isn't working anymore
I have tried to find a static value of ammo I must be doing something wrong
I noticed later on in his post he had changed some stuff with the rocket launcher.
he had browsed the memory region and then went into dissect data structure changed the value of the clip size..
then like 9 bytes down the line changed the offset from 0 to 1 made it fire more rockets.

I can find clip size of a weapon I have but its dynamic and changes when I die

now I have used dissect data structure before in black ops zombies
its how I found gernades etc..

im thinking this is me on this game or something
but id greatly appreciate some help
im still learning thought this would be a decent game to dive into
hack and play