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  1. Evo

    Report any issues here

    io makes me feel like i'm using a damn Mac
  2. Evo

    Report any issues here

    False alarm. Seems it was a 3rd party theme that did it
  3. Evo

    Report any issues here

    I cvasn't seem to change back the light theme. Can't even read what i wrote here cause i can't seee
  4. Evo

    Cheat-e-coins - YAY!

    I'm too poor to buy them. Can I get a IOU?
  5. Evo

    Slay the Spire cheat

    Running it through the launcher doesn't work. Running it from the exe does. Running it with mts-launcher.jar (used for mods) doesn't work at all.
  6. Evo

    Slay the Spire cheat

    Any chance for a table for the steam version?
  7. Evo

    Fallout 4 Inf Health

    So this is going to be a bit of an odd request and I'm not exactly sure it's even possible but whatever. I'm looking for a table or trainer for Inf Health but I still want to take damage and rad damage.
  8. Evo

    Planet Zoo - V. - +4 - First Release

    Heh. I was just looking for this. Thanks
  9. Evo

    Pathfinder Kingmaker v2.0.7b Steam (GM and More) 2019-Dec-01

    Ignore. Vortex might of caused it.
  10. Evo

    Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts

    It seems like invsible mode/ghost/whatever you wanna call it doesn't work after dying.
  11. Evo

    [Cheat Engine] Red Dead Redemption 2

    Just a heads up. A update was released. New version is 1207.73
  12. Evo

    Forza Motorsport 7

    Game Name: Forza Motorsport 7 Game Engine:ForzaTech Game Version:1.174.4791.2 Options Required:Freeze Opponents , Opponents Spinout Game/Steam Website: Other Info: I AM NOT LOOKING FOR CREDITS.
  13. Evo

    Destiny 2 clan

    Friendly reminder that anyone is welcome to join.
  14. Evo

    Destiny 2

  15. Evo

    [Cheat Engine] Borderlands 3 +30

    To add to my previous post... it seems like Unl Ammo only effects the first weapon slot. Unl Grenades doesn't work either.
  16. Evo

    [Cheat Engine] Borderlands 3 +30

    It seems like this table has problems. I'm unsure if it's because the game got updated (only bought it on the 24th), something's wrong with the game or the table.
  17. Evo

    Destiny 2 clan

    So with Destiny 2 coming to Steam.. me and a couple of other members will be playing through the entire campaign and through every single raid (fucking madness) and DLC. For this I created a clan. It's sort of two fold I guess. 1 reason was to organize stuff better and the other was to play with...
  18. Evo

    [Completed] Borderlands 3

    Oh boy. I hope I win.
  19. Evo

    [Completed] Halo: The Master Chief Collection

    Congrats KraftCrafterMcCrafty
  20. Evo

    [Completed] Halo: The Master Chief Collection US only i'm afraid. This is for the entire collection. I guess just post in here if you want it. I'll pick a winner in 2 weeks ( Aug 3rd )