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    [Request] Gunfire Reborn

    Still no update on this. I've been trying to see what I can find. I found a bunch of stuff in mono but I have no idea how to use any of that. I'm a noob tbh. 1591168956 Found a few things.. If you use mono dissect and find the auto aim boolean you can set that to true with...
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    Need help finding an address in Don't starve or DST

    Hello, I am trying to find literally anything that I can use to get an address on don't starve. I've been told that pretty much every value is run through one or two addresses which I've found to be true. I have however found small details that I could use if I knew everything there was to know...
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    I have a better way. - Buy the golden chair and switch the bought item flag to 1. -Scrap the chair at the scrap yard -Sell the scrap piece directly to the jeweler for 7K. -Rinse and repeat.
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    End zone A World apart

    Game Name: Endzone- A World Apart Game Engine: ?? Game Version: ?? Infinite Resources Max Happiness Game/Steam Website: Other Info:
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    Ark Survival Evolved+27 293.100 [Steam]

    I think a lot of this is now server sided and you can't edit them, if not the values are so deep that's its going to be a pain in the ass to find any of them. It doesn't actually seem to be server sided but a lot of the addresses are stored in compares within other addresses. I was trying to...
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    Rim World Royalty update

    No problem, I am new myself. I ask a crap ton of question and get help with a lot. I'm fortunate that a lot of people that have this knowledge actually enjoy helping others learn it. a lot of the tables I did not make myself so I cannot take full credit. The guy that helped me isn't on this...
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    Rim World Royalty update

    Stack script creates a pointer where you can click dissect data/structures and type super_stack as your address. Define a new structure and the first offset is what is currently highlighted. Currently you have to drag the offsets you want into the table and they will restart with game reset. I...
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    Rim World Royalty update

    I have a table that updates all your pawns skills to 999999999 but not sure if it updates npcs as well.
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    Rim World Royalty update

    that better?
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    Rim World Royalty update It seems like there are a few things that quit working during this update. Item select which was displaying the item pointer with the quantity of that item no longer works" <i> </i>ENABLE] aobscan(itembp,48 63 46 50 83 F8 01 0F 8E)...
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    Looking to shadow a table maker.

    I've posted about this before and never got any hits. I understand that some people might would be a little socially awkward when it comes to this but I really want to further my knowledge. I have a base knowledge of how to get data that I need but there are a lot of gaps. Some examples would...
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    Stardew Valley V1.4

    Since no one else seems to be working on this, I guess I will send in another request. The old table is completely broken where nothing in the table works anymore. I have been trying to fix the tables in there but I am not really getting all that far. I would love to shadow someone to see how to...
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    [Cheat Engine] Stardew Valley v1.3.28 Multiplayer [Steam]

    Okay got cha, but that used to do is give a lot of information about the farmer. Now it doesn't or I am mistaken on what that script does or why they had it in the table.
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    [Cheat Engine] Stardew Valley v1.3.28 Multiplayer [Steam]

    For anyone willing to help out, I can talk through discord if needed. I was planning on trying to fix the Stardew Valley table but I can't seem to understand some of the script structure in auto assembly. I am a noob although I do know little bits and pieces. For example the first script on...
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    [Cheat Engine] Red Dead Redemption 2

    2nd that, I would love the update.
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    [Cheat Engine] Stardew Valley v1.3.28 Multiplayer [Steam]

    The game crashes a lot with a lot of the cheats. I happens a lot when you level up too much or do too much in one day. I would use some of the cheats and then move turn them off when going to bed. The builder issue is something different. There isn't really an easy way to troubleshoot those...
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    [Cheat Engine] Stardew Valley v1.3.28 Multiplayer [Steam]

    This is the updated table I have so far. Everything that isn't working I took out of this one I added instant chop which wasn't working before but you need to chop a tree first I also added a free crafting which you have to craft something first before enabling. I am updating this as I go...
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    [Cheat Engine] Stardew Valley v1.3.28 Multiplayer [Steam]

    The table actually works for the most part. The only things that dont work are instant chop which I found a way to fix. The set npcfriendship script doesnt work but I found out how to find that value through enumerate dlls. I have an instant craft script to add All this is not my work...
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    [Cheat Engine] Stardew Valley v1.3.28 Multiplayer [Steam]

    I'd honestly just love to be able to fix the set friendship script for NPCs. I've tried locating their friendship level the old fashion way with gift their favorite gift and going up by 20 but I can't get the number I need
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    Oxygen Not Included

    Is now okay to quote you?