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  1. Cheater69

    YS 1 (GoG Version) [+11] BY TheInsaneHacker

    That because you do not have the GoG version.
  2. Cheater69

    YS 2 (GoG) [+11] BY TheInsaneHacker

    Great job with it buddy. :D
  3. Cheater69

    YS 1 (GoG Version) [+11] BY TheInsaneHacker

    It works flawlessly. Very great job my friend. :D
  4. Cheater69

    The Simpsons Hit & Run [+12] BY TheInsaneHacker

    I always loved your works in cheat tables. But this "infinite health for your own vehicle while the others are 1 hit kill" reminded me of the Starman from Super Mario Bros. franchise. :D Keep up the amazing work my great friend. :)
  5. Cheater69

    die young script

    Instead of making useless threads, why won't you search if there already is a table for it? You lazy bum.
  6. Cheater69

    [Paid Request] Deco online

    How desperate are some people. Is laughable... But in a sad way.
  7. Cheater69

    [BUYING] anti debugger or table for SC II

    This is very sad actually. How desperate can someone be to buy cheats for a specific video game?
  8. Cheater69

    Super Cyborg (v1.23) [+6] BY TheInsaneHacker

    Now it works perfect. But I have found something else. When you finished the top-down level's Boss, you have to disable the codes in order to advance to the next stage. Because if you do not, you can't advance for some reason. Is nothing biggie. I just wanted to mention this for the other...
  9. Cheater69

    Super Cyborg (v1.23) [+6] BY TheInsaneHacker

    Play the game and you will find out. :D
  10. Cheater69

    Super Cyborg (v1.23) [+6] BY TheInsaneHacker

    There is a top-down level that does not the invincibility. Can you please do something about it?
  11. Cheater69

    Super Cyborg (v1.23) [+6] BY TheInsaneHacker

    It works amazing. I mean, there is no doubt. Your hacking skills are amazing. :D
  12. Cheater69

    Cheat-e-coins - YAY!

    I do not know why, but I would love to see that cheat-e-coin as a spinning 3D coin gif. :D
  13. Cheater69


    I haven't played at all because I was in a little vacation. xD But I'll try it. :D
  14. Cheater69


    Why wouldn't work? We have the "mean steam" version too. :D
  15. Cheater69


    Well, cfemen, my brother from another mother, you NEVER cease to amaze me. I love you for what you did. It works WITHOUT any flaws. :wub:
  16. Cheater69


    So, the dev's tools are version based. Hmmm... Now I understand why cfemen didn't uploaded a file for it here. Well, he sure knows how to tease though... :P And thank you for the explanation Vamp. :D
  17. Cheater69


    How you accessed that Developer's Tool?
  18. Cheater69

    Zombie Shooter 2 (GOG) [+8] BY TheInsaneHacker

    Steam version sucks. I prefer GOG.
  19. Cheater69

    [REQUEST] Necrovision and Lost Company

    Anything and Everything There are cheat codes for them but they only work on easier difficulties. :)
  20. Cheater69

    Halo 2 Trainer

    Well, not everybody has the guts to handle the internet I suppose. And thank you for your clarification my friend.