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    theHunter™: Call of the Wild

    You have to restore the original value in [rax+30]/[rax+3C] to undo the effect. Example: [ENABLE] //code from here to '[DISABLE]' will be used to enable the cheat alloc(newmem,2048,"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+4E1847) label(returnhere) label(originalcode) label(exit) label(normal) label(speed)...
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    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 EAC Disabler

    Works fine for me. This program will never need an update because it only replaces files. Greets Matze
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    xenoverse 2

    You have to create a shortcut with -eac-launcher command.
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    xenoverse 2

    EAC is active in xenoverse 2 but you can disable it in different ways
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    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 EAC Disabler

    It is easier and disables the file check for modders.
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    [COMPLETED] The Witcher 3
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    ELEX Steam Version 10 17 2017

    A companion change should help.
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    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 EAC Disabler

    It is not caused by my program. I can load up a game and play without problems. Greets Matze
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    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 EAC Disabler

    There was a small typo in the program now it should run fine.
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    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

    Ok then I made an extra topic for it her:
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    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 EAC Disabler

    Hi I wrote a little setup that replaces the launcher of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and disables EAC. Preview Download Use install to disable EAC. If you wan't to play online again use the Undo option. Step by Step: 1. Start the game one time if you own it on steam 2. Click install and select...
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    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

    Wrote an new launcher that disables Anti-Cheat and you only can play offline then. I would post it but I don't know if it is allowed. Cheat Engine works again then, too. I can give you guys the download in a private message if you wan't the tool. Greets Matze
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    [COMPLETED] Dark Souls 2/SOTFS there the first post is ab big tabel with all you need.
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    Agents of Mayhem (PATCH 08.23.2017)

    No you would gain 3 exp everytime you earn exp.
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    It looks like an online game and nobody here would help you. Cheats for online games are forbidden here. Greets Matze
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    Need Help

    The db(1byte), dw(2 byte or word), dd(4 byte or double word),dq(8byte or quad word) reserves the memory if they are below “newmem:“. Best place is below jmp return and the injection point. Greets Matze
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    Need Help

    Alloc is not needed just register the flags with registersymbol(yourflag) Greets Matze
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    [REQUEST] Diablo 3 Battle Chest

    This site doesn't support online cheats and diablo 3 is online only.
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    Rise of the Tomb Raider

    The 4th post from top should be for that version.
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    Move bsNone

    You can implement your own with mouse down event. Thats how i am doing it in c# and wpf.