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by gicel
Tue Aug 28, 2018 2:53 am
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Topic: Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age (Steam)
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Re: Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age (Steam)

So I was using the cheatengine downloads you have, and up until Draklor it worked great. But since I entered and left Draklor, only Vaan, Basch, and Balthier get the status effects. Not the girls. Any idea why?
by gicel
Mon Jul 02, 2018 11:06 pm
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Unsure if the CP one works just like that. I've been trying it for a while now, started with about 8 CP (searched as 16), gained 3 levels so 11 CP (searched as 22), spent some, still can't get it. Got HP and SP though, just not CP.