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    [COMPLETED] Wild Guns Reloaded
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    Official Fearless Revolution Twitch Channel

    I stream a few times a week making cheat tables for the forums. erfg12
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    Majesty Gold HD (GOG)

    This game already has cheat codes: For Majesty Gold HD v1.5.1.1 on GOG. But I added some that I thought were necessary. - Gold never goes down - Time of day (freeze this) - Target ID (can be used to...
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    The Bard's Tale (GOG)

    - Health (if you modify this, then zone in-out you will be set to that #. Freezing it does nothing) - Level (not changeable) - Experience - Max Experience (doesn't do anything when changed) - Silver (max 999999) - Adderstones - Strength (max 127) - Vitality (max 127) - Luck (max 50) - Dexterity...
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    [COMPLETED] The Disney Afternoon Collection

    Here are some AoB scans to get the temp addresses with encrypted values. Once you find the addresses, store them in a table as 4 Byte values. Freeze the values to give infinite HP. CHIP 'n DALE Rescue Rangers 1 - HP Address = ?? 2B 00 20 F8 2A 01 D0 F8 29 01 E0 F8 2B 00 D0 F8 2B 00 D8 F8 2B 00...
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    [COMPLETED] The Disney Afternoon Collection

    Kinda like this Here's 1 way to test
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    [COMPLETED] The Disney Afternoon Collection

    Are you sure it's not using encrypted values? I can try this later when I get home.
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    [REQUEST] black and white 2 with expansion

    You're talking about Black & White 2: Battle of the Gods with v1.2 official patch?
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    [COMPLETED] Diablo 1 Mod - Tchernobog
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    Tchernobog (Diablo 1 Mod) v0.1.1

    - Freeze Health & Mana - Buying & Selling items gives you 9999999 gold (monsters also drop extra gold) - Get all buffs and spells (Very Glitchy) Sometimes when combining Get all buffs and spells with Freeze health & mana can cause your HP/Mana to decrease.
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    [MacOS] Grand Theft Auto III (Steam) +4

    - Infinite HP - Infinite Ammo - Infinite Money - Never Wanted Tested on High Sierra 10.13.1 DOWNLOAD: Made with Memory.dylib with Objective-C. Source available at Cheat table...
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    [MacOS] Grand Theft Auto III (Steam)

    - Infinite Ammo - Infinite HP - Infinite Money - Never Wanted Cheat trainer available at
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    [MacOS] Lep's World 2

    - HP doesnt decrease when hit - Freeze time - Throwing nuts increases nut quantity Made with Cheat Engine v6.2 on MacOS High Sierra.
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    [MacOS] Lep's World

    - Time goes up - HP goes up when hit - 1 point = 9999 points Made on Cheat Engine v6.2 on MacOS High Sierra.
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