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    Memory.dll - C#/VB.NET Game Trainer Library

    This library file can be used to create PC game cheat trainers. It can read and write to any program process. FEATURES Built with C# for .NET projects. Check if process is running and open, all in 1 function. 32bit and 64bit games supported. AoB scanning with full & partial masking. Example...
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    SimCity 2000 Special Edition (v2.0.0.14) GOG

    These addresses are based on DOSBox 0.73 base pointer. Name Company City Name Current Money Time (Month and Year) Set money to 999999999, freeze time and money and you should be able to beat any scenario.
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    DOSBox Static Addresses

    I noticed some GOG games use DOSBox 0.73 so here is the base pointer for that: 0x01D3fD40
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    Official Cheat Engine/Fearless Discord!

    You guys can join mine if you want. The channel is about game hacking and has been around for a few years. I wouldn't mind making the mods/admins here have full permissions. I won't post the URL here unless an admin agrees it's ok.
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    Announcement Future of FRF

    I have lots of servers available if needed. Just would have to know some site stats like monthly bandwidth and space needed. We could always go with something custom so there is no monthly cost. Something like NodeJS would require less bandwidth and offer some nice client features.
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    War Wind 1 (v2.0.0.3) GOG

    Druk Angrak Health Jan Akka' Health Col. Khorn Health Saw' Sha Health Resources
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    Wolfenstein 3D (v2.0.0.4) + Spear of Destiny (v2.0.0.6) GOG

    Health Ammo Lives Score Freeze whichever you need. When editing ammo or health it will not immediately show. Once you fire your gun or get hit you will see the values reload. After launching the game, open the DOSBox 0.74 process in Cheat Engine with this table.
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    Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (v1.24) GOG

    Health Lives Score Ammo Flame Thrower Fuel Gold Coins Silver Coins Sugar Rush Timer Shield Timer Freeze these values when needed.
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    Jazz Jackrabbit 1 (v2.0) GOG

    Addresses found for both CD-ROM and HOLIDAY versions. This game uses DOSBox 0.74 so after you launch the game, open the DOSBox process in Cheat Engine with this table. Addresses found: Health Lives Timer Points Toaster Ammo RF Missiles Launcher Ammo Freeze these values.
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    DOSBox Static Addresses

    Both in the title and the post I stated this is for version 0.74. Would they assume it works for other versions?
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    Warcraft 2 Tides of Darkness 1.0 DOS Version (DOSBox 0.74)

    Gold Oil Wood Food Current/Max This is specifically for DOSBox 0.74 32bit.
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    Warcraft: Orcs & Humans 1.12 floopy disk version (DOSBox 0.74)

    Food Wood Gold Pretty much all you need. Pretty short game, freeze food and wood to 99999. You can freeze current food to 0 and make infinite troops, but if you play the scenarios in dungeons it will result in an instant loss. So instead put food max at 99999 and freeze it. Table is for DOSBox...
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    DOSBox Static Addresses

    DOSBox 0.74 32bit's vmem base pointer is 0x01D3A1A0 DOSBox 0.73 32bit's vmem base pointer is 0x01D3FD40 Add Address Manually > [X] Pointer > (type in) 0x01D3A1A0 > (press) OK. You should see in the Address column "P->(ADDRESS)". That is your temporary vmem base address. Use cheat engine...
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    [COMPLETED] Wild Guns Reloaded
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    Official Fearless Revolution Twitch Channel

    I stream a few times a week making cheat tables for the forums. erfg12
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