Neon Chrome

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Neon Chrome

Post by STN » Tue Apr 04, 2017 2:05 pm

Got this game from Humble Bundle for steam, made a very quick table I thought I would share since there wasn't one already

Made by ImpalaPUA

How to use:

1. Load Game
2. Select Game's process in cheat engine
3. If you want to edit money those values are present (pointer)
- Also included is round time which you can get an achievement if under a certain time, so you can freeze those when you start a level
4. Other options in Advanced Options (bottom left)
- Infinite Ammo (also no reload)
- Infinite Energy (depends on the special, didn't bother to go over all of them, enable all and most specials shouldn't decrease energy, holding the button down will decrease it, tapping won't)
- Enabling Round time doesn't decrease via this menu makes it so you don't have to freeze the addresses
- Infinite Keys (key amounts don't decrease)
5. To enable those, right click and select replace code with nothing
6. Enjoy

Very quick and simple trainer, won't be updating it. The game is simple like that of hotline miami, the features I included make the game fun but not dull with infinite health, etc. So no more things will be added
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