Gurumin A Monstrous Adventure (2015-04-18)

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Gurumin A Monstrous Adventure (2015-04-18)

Post by Shinkansen » Tue Apr 04, 2017 4:42 am

Simple table for Gurumin A Monstrous Adventure, may or may not work.

Usage info:
Scripts with "To Activate: XXX" can only be activated (put an "X" into the box) after doing action XXX.
Scripts with "To Update: XXX" will only update their effect after doing action XXX.
Addresses with "XXX?" will enable the script effect XXX when 1 is put into the Value.

In general:
A. Do action YYY.
B. Activate (put an X) the "Initialization (Activate This First)" script.
C. Activate (put an X) the "Base Address Scan (To Activate: YYY, To Update: ZZZ)" script.
D. Enable (put a 1) the desired effect "Example: Set Health to Max?" address.
E. Do action ZZZ.

Important information.
1. Manually editing Data or Inventory may cause the game to crash due to game checks.
2. Encrypt doesn't take effect until the data / inventory is changed. Loading the game also works.

1. Tested game version V1.3, V1.4 Steam. May work on other versions.

1. Data Encrypt Stats.
Options will set the Data to the corresponding "Data Value" value.

1. Tested game version V1.2e. May work on other versions.

2. Data Encrypt Stats.
"HP Set to 99999?" sets HP to 99999 (effectively Godmode).
"Drill Level Set to Max?" sets Drill Level to max. Don't use, setting Drill Meter is better.
"Drill Meter Set to Max?" sets Drill Meter to max.
"Critical Hit Points Set to 99999?" sets Critical Hit Points to 99999.
"Junk Set to 99999?" sets Junk to 99999.
"Money Set to 99999?" sets Money to 99999.

3. Inventory Encrypt Stats.
"All Items Quantity Set to 99?" sets all Items quantities to 99. May break the game as this also includes quest items.
"Multiples Quantity Set to 99?" sets Items with quantities of 2 or more to 99.
"Selected Item Quantity Set to Quantity Value?" will set the selected "Selected Item" to the "Item Quantity" value.

4. Position Stats.
"Z Position Set to Z Position Value?" sets the Z Position to "Z Position Value" value, effectively can't fall or climb.
"Can Always Jump?" sets always can jump.
Shinkansen Gurumin A Monstrous Adventure V1002.CT
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