Hearts of Iron III - v3.05/v4.02 (GM and More)

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Hearts of Iron III - v3.05/v4.02 (GM and More)

Post by Recifense » Sat Apr 01, 2017 12:20 am

Hi guys,

Here is another simple contribution form this DA. Now it is for "Hearts of Iron III - Their Finest Hour" version 4.01. The table contains a script with the following features:

Code: Select all

 Game Title    : Hearts of Iron III - Their Finest Hour
 Game Version  : 4.02 (ALAV)
 Game Sponsor  : GOG
 Process Name  : hoi3_tfh.exe
 Script Version: 3.0
 CE Version    : 6.2
 Release date  : 30-Sep-2012 (adapted from version 3.05 of ML)
 Author        : Recifense
 - Minimum Resources (500000)
 - Production in 1 day
 - Research in 1 day
 - Province Improvement (resource production) (new)
 - Province Quick Ownership (for just conquered province)
 - God Mode
 - Weak Foe (Quick Battle)
 - Unit Improvement
    - Max Strength
    - Max Organization
    - 100% Food
    - 100% Fuel
    - Morale (99%)
    - Speed (90km/h)
    - Toughness
    - Soft Attack
    - Hard Attack
    - Piercing Attack (new)
    - Hull
    - Armor (new)
 - Troop movement (1 hour to adjacent province)
 - Useful Pointer
1)Enable/Disable Minimum Resources => (1/0):
=> All Resources Minimum Value = 50000;
2)Enable/Disable Production in 1 Day => (1/0):
=> Unit production and some constructions will take 1 day only;
3)Enable/Disable Research in 1 Day => (1/0):
=> The possible projects will be researched in 1 day only;
4)Enable/Disable God Mode => (1/0):
=> Your units will not die or be destroyed during combat;
5)Enable/Disable Weak Foe => (1/0):
=> Units that are not yours will quickly die or be destroyed;
[NOTE] This will also affect your allies' units. So take care.
6)Enable/Disable Instant Ownership => (1/0):
=> The selected conquered province will change ownership to you;
7)Enable/Disable Upgrade Selected Units => (1/0):
=> The selected units will be upgraded to a minimum value. See list above;
8)Enable/Disable Fast Movement => (1/0):
=> Your units will move to the adjacent province in 1 hour;
9)Enable/Disable Minimum Item Production => (1/0):
=> The item production of a selected province will be set to a minimum value;
a)Enable/Disable No Revolt Risk => (1/0):
=> The selected province revolt risk will be nullified;
======== Selected Province Information ========
- You can change those values. Just remember that each 1000 (in memory) = 1 (displayed), so 12350 = 12.35;
CTRL+Home   = enables  all cheats (except Weak Foe and Instant Ownership);
CTRL+End    = disables all cheats;
CTRL+Insert = enables  Weak Foe;
CTRL+PageUp = enables  Instant Ownership
The table also contains (when the script is active) the options listed on the attached image.

The features are DISABLED by default. For enabling any of them, just change its value to 1;

Note: There are HOTKEYS. Have a look at the Table Extras for more information.
Note: The script now uses the new CE command ASSERT and will not load if it is incompatible with the running game version.

It is for CE 6.2

Cheers to All!
(20.39 KiB) Downloaded 579 times
(32.21 KiB) Downloaded 1521 times

What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: Hearts of Iron III - v3.05/v4.02 (GM and More)

Post by NazarickGuardian9 » Sat Apr 01, 2017 1:04 am

Thank you very much Recifense for posting the table.

Novice Cheater
Novice Cheater
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Re: Hearts of Iron III - v3.05/v4.02 (GM and More)

Post by pãovelho » Sat Apr 22, 2017 10:22 pm

hey recifense could you upload the table with provincial structure pointers like industry,infrastructure,radio,coastal/land forts,anti-aircraft and some other stuff?

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Re: Hearts of Iron III - v3.05/v4.02 (GM and More)

Post by Mirek_Burczyn » Mon Apr 02, 2018 7:10 pm

Any chances to get pointers for experience? Either just "generic" leader experience for higher skill levels or the terrain-specific perks?

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