Dynasty Warriors 8 Extreme Legends (2014-06-28)

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Dynasty Warriors 8 Extreme Legends (2014-06-28)

Post by Shinkansen » Fri Mar 31, 2017 8:21 pm

Simple table for Dynasty Warriors 8 Extreme Legends, updated for Update 2.

Updated IDs here:
Shinkansen Dynasty Warriors 8 Lists V1001.csv

which can be downloaded from here
Shinkansen Agarest Tables

- More skills massive effects.
- Fixed Modify Bodyguard.

Added the following battle options
- Set Massive Every Speed - This makes every action go faster (movement, attacks, jumps etc).
- Skill All Effect - All Skills take effect as if they have all been normally equipped (not only the 4). The effect rank is whatever has been normally achieved / unlocked.
- Skill Massive Effect - Equipped Skills have massive rank effects.
- Element All Effect - All Elements take effect as if they all have been normally equipped (through a weapon) (not only the 6 on a weapon).
- Element Massive Effect - Equipped Elements have massive rank effects.
- Element Rank 10 Effect - Equipped Elements have normal rank 10 effects.
- Ability All Effect - All Abilities take effect as if they have been normally equipped (through an animal) (not only the 4 on an animal).

Has the following battle options
- Set Health.
- Set Rage / Musou.
- Set Massive Attack.
- Set Massive Defence.
- Set Massive Speed.
- Set Massive Attack Damage.
- Set Massive Defence Protection.
- Modify Height.
- Set Powerup Duration.
- Set Elapsed Time Limit.
- Set Elapsed Battle Objectives Time Limit.

For Update 2, to modify the following.
1. Select the appropriate Officer / Weapon etc.
2. Make changes to the Permanent section.
3. Exit to the main menu.
4. Re-select the appropriate Officer / Weapon etc to view the changes.
Weapons can be selected by Free Mode -> Officer -> Equip Weapons

Can modify the following.
- Officer.
- Gold / Gem.
- Weapon.
- Equipped Skill.
- Animal.
- Bodyguard.
- Ambition Base (Materials, Facilities etc).

Requests have a higher chance of success if information is provided about how it is normally achieved in-game.
Shinkansen Dynasty Warriors 8 V1008.CT
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