Fear & Hunger

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Fear & Hunger

Post by Domar » Sun Jan 13, 2019 8:56 pm

Released last month, Fear & Hunger is a Horror themed Dungeon Crawler made in RPG Maker. It is a considerably hard game, nearly every enemy you meet can kill you if you get unlucky or don't know their attack patterns.

Requested Cheats:

1. Infinite Items or Items Don't Decrease. Searching for and editing RPG Maker Item values is really easy in cheat engine, but a lot of items you get in this will be in very low quantities, it may not be enough to actually perform the search.

2. Regain Lost Limbs. One mechanic of the game is that all characters, enemies and yourself alike, can lose limbs. The guards can chop off your arm during battle, mages can make your legs explode. These changes are permanent unless you combine two characters into a new one called "Marriage", but I'm hoping someone can make a cheat to regrow limbs without losing a character.

3. Increased Hit Rate. Many enemies can be killed in a single hit should you strike their head, but if you haven't destroyed their legs beforehand you only have a 50% chance to hit the head, hoping someone can make the rng gods allow for 100% accuracy.

4. Always Win Coin Flips. At many points in the game, you flip a coin playing heads or tails. Good things can happen should you choose correctly, but losing the gamble can have some serious consequences. For example, searching bookcases or chests may prompt a coin flip, winning gains an item, losing causes you to find nothing. Reading some books, trying to rest at the bed, and certain enemy attacks will actually cause you to die if you lose the gamble.

I hope someone can make these, thank you.

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