Endless Legend Tempest

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Endless Legend Tempest

Post by STN » Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:48 am

Start table development on Endless Legend Tempest 32-bit

Added: Gain hero experience functionality
Added: Gain money functionality

Bonus Hero Exp: This value will be added to your selected hero
when activating the "Gain Xp" script

To get access to money, activate "Get Money" script, then
click on the research panel icon to open research panel.

Added: Some Player Assets including
City growth stock
Gold per turn
Production per turn
Research per turn
Influence per turn
Food per turn

Giving assets to player is fairly easy.
Just turn the asset per turn (Gold per turn) to a number you need,
then end the turn. You'll get asset stockpiled from last turn.
In creasing city growth stock and ending turn would increase pop.
I don't know what the pacified villagers are,
but they seem like some kind of free villagers.
Anywasy between the assets per turn and villagers,
one should be able to get monster economy going from turn 2.

Removed: Bank account

-Side note. I started learning mono yesterday and today for a couple
after dinner hours, so I'm not certain about how these things work.
At first I thought only the hooking points would be different between
JIT processings, but I've found that the code itself is optimized
differently between sessions and loads.
The way around this was to put modifying codes near the
begining of the functions where code is stable and into short functions.
Also, I actually can't play the game for long since my
video card turns into a turbine with modern games and I have to let
it rest; in other words I have hard time extensively testing cheats.

Added: Ability to modify assets from other cities

Things are getting a bit more complex with multiple cities,
and the possibility of crash is increasing. Save often.

Regarding 32/64 bit, I'll try to see if I can work on 64.

Credits: Merlini
EndlessLegend v1.2.CT
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