XCOM Long War

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XCOM Long War

Post by STN » Wed Mar 29, 2017 9:29 am

Here's a "better" table for Long War 1.0 (XCOM Enemy Within).

Credits: Csimbi

Made some improvements here and there.
Tactical script comes with an option to force Overwatch (hate clicking it every time!).
Added some trivial checks to the soldier patcher, so it should crash less (the same code loads a bunch of other resources so if you did not use it right, it crashed) - but you should still disable scripts when you don't use them.
The soldier patcher can enable the Rift flag without having to mind-control an Ethereal.
Most offsets under the scripts are now hierarchical, so future updates (shifting offsets, new versions) should be easier.
Moved a bunch of things from the Object Array script to the resource script - found pointers, so there should be less need for updating shifting offsets in the Object Array.

I removed a bunch of things that are not in the Long War mod, but I am pretty sure that there are some leftovers.
The Storage offsets are up-to-date at least.

Most offsets under the Soldier Patcher have not been updated, but I left them there anyway in case someone feels like updating them.

Credits: Affly

I've taken the base table and added Long War perks to the soldier patcher. Can't get the storage script to work so that one is useless.
The tactical scripts seem to work fine.
The country script is hit/miss, sometimes the country array fits perfectly with the pointers but most of the time 2-3 countries will be missing from the list.
(560.54 KiB) Downloaded 1481 times
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Long War Table v1.0.ct
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Re: XCOM Long War

Post by happynightmare13 » Fri Feb 09, 2018 3:42 am

Thank you for the table. I was wondering if the fighters script is working?everything in the said script is in ??.

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