World's Dawn

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World's Dawn

Post by AkiraTepes » Mon Aug 06, 2018 12:23 am

[b]Game Name:[/b] World's Dawn

[b]Game Engine:[/b] RPG Maker VX

[b]Game Version:[/b] Current as of 8/5/2018

[b]Options Required:[/b] Time, Energy, and Gold

[b]Game/Steam Website:[/b] [URL][/URL]

[b]Other Info:[/b] I've figured out how to Cheat Engine the time, energy, and gold. Time has THREE values, all of which are close in terms of their address they're each 4 apart from the next. The hour, the 10 minute, and overall time passed. The first two as far as I can tell are just cosmetic. They're just the on screen variables to show you. The last one is the important one, and it's value is the entire time in 24hr format. Example: At 4:00 pm the value is 1600. So the get all three at 4:10pm you would have to search for 9 for hour, 3 for the minutes, and 3221 for the total time (due to the *2+1 value that rpg maker outputs) if you want everything to match up so you don't get confused. Energy and gold have two values as well. A displayed and the actual amount you have. I THINK you start with 100 energy without any Eden apples (I got my energy when I had 77 left and there was a little empty in the meter). (I'd give the value type but I use a script designed for RPG Maker VX values) I would make a trainer myself but I don't have the know how. And having to hack it each time I play gets old fast. I've seen two trainers one with just gold and one with gold and an energy reset. My biggest one is wanting time control, not just time freeze. Any help would be appreciated.

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