[Tutorial] Add a script to a table

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[Tutorial] Add a script to a table

Post by TheyCallMeTim13 » Sat Apr 21, 2018 10:19 am

From post at the WIKI.
To add a script to a table:
  1. If you don't have an auto assemble form visiable open one, on the Cheat Engine main form press Crtl+Alt+A
  2. If you haven't added enable and disable sections, then On the auto assemble form click template then click cheat table framework code.
  3. On the auto assemble form menu click file then click assign to current cheat table.
  4. This should create a new memory record on the cheat table address list.
    Note: Cheat table scripts require enable and disable sections.

Code: Select all

//// --------------------  Main Section  ---------------------
//// --------------------  Enable Section  ---------------------
//// --------------------  Disable Section  --------------------
  • The main section is ran when enabling and disabling.
  • The enable section is ran when enabling.
  • The disable section is ran when disabling.
Script windows:
You can have as many script windows open as you want. You can save these scripts as cea files in the same directory as your cheat table. You can run them from other scripts using auto assembler's INCLUDE command.

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