Anomaly 2

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Anomaly 2

Post by STN » Thu Mar 16, 2017 4:45 am

Credits: pox911

Here is basicly what i have so far. It uses AoB so it should work for everyone granted they didnt change a little bit of info.

This table will give you infinite cash and infinite ability use. Since they both take up the same ASM, and because i was lazy, I have it split between 3 code. One for cash, one for abilities, and one for both. I will combine it into a single code that uses 1/0 triggers at some point. Health i havent looked into yet but should be doable as long as i get a nice compare between you and the enemy.

Wink If i can setup a nice pointer then i will also add a form to swap abilities. Razz i was doing air strikes during the mission 3 VR instead of repairs.
Anomaly 2.CT
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