Lua - Info/Error Popup Window

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Lua - Info/Error Popup Window

Post by Paul44 » Mon Nov 06, 2017 12:07 pm

A big favor: I am no longer able to post on the CE forum itself; I get a 'Cloudflare blocked' message?! Would somebody be so kind to post this in their forum? If you do, please mention it here FIRST (to avoid multiple posts); and also provide a link to CE forum.
Thx in advance

ps: also tried to send a mail to #DarkByte (also blocked)

*** Topic in question ***
It happened quite a few times now, but whenever I get an error causing that popup window to loop/print a particular error (either caused by a typo, unfinished function, etc), it becomes impossible to continue.
The error keeps displaying and either I need to kill CE (sometimes not even possible), log off (best case) or restart/reboot...

It would be nice if that particular window had an option to "halt" any reporting (button, tickbox, etc), so one can gracefully save/quit CE. Or actually correct the problem, then continue...

Anyways: did some searching, but could not find anything related to this (except more mentioning of the same situation). If there is a graceful workaround, surely let me/us know.

ps: happened to me 3x this weekend; obviously losing my progress (bummer)

some examples:
- added {luacall(LocationTimer("Welcome"))} (without {}) but mistyped 'Welcome'
- added {addrXY = getAddress("XYstepVal")}: same thing; typo
- plenty more 8)

Cloudflare Ray ID: 3b97dbeea59a442d

Ignore this post; even better simply delete it. CE is again accessible to me since this week...

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