River City Ransom Underground +11 (table Update2)

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River City Ransom Underground +11 (table Update2)

Post by Cielos » Fri Mar 03, 2017 5:19 am

- added [block related] scripts, including inf. energy and enemies can't block.
- updated ignore super power, it sometimes makes the SP into 255 (when attempting to replenish the SP during usage), it should be fixed now.
- updated sync exp, .2 should works on the latest update (as of this table us upped) now.
- added invincibility.

battle related:
- when activated, enemies can't touch you.
- there are 2 versions, either one will do, though I personally prefer v2.
- v1 - can be activated anytime once enable is activated.
- v2 - you may need to hit someone or get hit by someone before you can activate. refer to the notes at the end of the post for details.

- you still took damage when being hit but the stamina won't drop below the specified threshold.
- you won't die even if you set the threshold to 0.
- threshold can be changed via the table entry.
- threshold default: 10
- threshold default can be changed by editing the script.

full stamina
- lock stamina at full.

easy kill
- enemies will be killed when they are knocked on the ground.

ignore super power
- you can use the special attacks even if your super power gauge is depleted.
- if you're using one of the OG characters (e.g. Original Kunio), activate the child script for it covers OG's double jump too.

[movement related]:
inf. double jump
- works on the character who can use double jump.
- if you're using one of the OG characters (e.g. Original Riki), use inf. double jump (for OG) instead.

[misc.] > [dojo related]:
ignore money (Dojo)
- allows you to buy moves with 0 money.

ignore level (Dojo)
- allows you buy moves in any levels. (still bounds by your Max Special Power. edit it in the pointers section if needed).

- show the info of the move you've just tried to purchase.

ignore money (Shop)
- allows you to buy stuffs in shop with 0 money.

sync exp
- usage:
1. activate the script and access the character pause menu (where you can see the character portrait) with the highest exp.
2. change to any other character, and access the pause menu again.
3. press Alt_R in pause menu to sync exp with the last highest exp you accessed.

plus some pointers.
- for offline single-player only.
- made and tested for the initial release, may or may not work on the latest version.
- IF A SCRIPT CAN'T BE ACTIVATED, do the corresponding actions in-game first, then back to CE and activate or de-activate the hook script, then try to activate the script you want again. e.g.:
- for enable script, after a level is loaded and you can move freely, go back to CE, activate (or de-activate if it's activated previously) the hook script, then activate enable again.
- for inf. double jump script, do a double jump in-game first, then activate or de-activate hook.
- for [dojo related] script, try to buy something in the Dofo first, then activate or de-activate hook.
- etc.
+10, table Update2
(1.45 MiB) Downloaded 1103 times
+9, table Update1
(863.49 KiB) Downloaded 314 times
+8, initial release
(697.98 KiB) Downloaded 287 times

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Re: River City Ransom Underground +11 (table Update2)

Post by BUB73 » Sun Jul 09, 2017 1:32 pm

Thanks, much appreciated!

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