The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth

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The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth

Post by STN » Sat Mar 11, 2017 9:19 pm

Credit to original authors for the tables - Mysteryem, HenryEx, Rybesone

NOTES (table1):
I updated the script found in this thread to fix cards/pills being broken after the 22/01/16 update to Afterbirth

This is my first time doing something like this, so hopefully it all still works as expected.


The Held cards/pills were offset by 40 bytes(?) (5 clicks to the right on the old final pointer offsets) from before the update.
The used pills were offset by 64 bytes(?) (8 clicks to the right on the old final pointer offsets) from before the update.
Added the "Friends till the end!" pill to the used pills section

I updated the table to use the actual X and Y coordinates instead of those relative to the window the game is running in. Editing these values will move Isaac around in-game, as opposed to before.

Table henry notes:
Been slowly working on converting the entirety of my own old table to the new Afterbirth version. I'm not quite done yet (some misc scripts missing), but almost. I'll attach my table, it's probably the most complete one so far, and not an unholy Frankenstein monster of stuff adapted from 100 sources, lol.

Due to how much offsets and code changes between frequent patches, the table will always be made for the newest version out at the time of creation. The table includes an option to check the game version, and the Table Extras will tell you what version the table was made for.

Scripts include:
The famous Pedestal Item script
A variety of other scripts (see picture below) like enabling Devil Rooms and the like.

Expanded Player Stats (see screen below)

Updated Cards, Pills, and Item lists

Choose what Pill Effects appear in your game!

List of collected items (not updated for Afterbirth yet)

More extensive list of Game Stats (boss kills, etc)

04/11/2015: Updated to work with the new patch that patched in most of the missing items (lol)

06/11/2015: Now includes Gold Bomb value and some new scripts.

10/11/2015: Fixed the Donation Machine script (works on Greed Mode), added option to Unlock Secrets (select secret in "Current Secret", then set "Secret Unlocked?" to Yes) and added a script to remove the time limit from the Challenge Speed!. In case you feel like the sped-up enemies and bullets are difficult enough without the time limit and don't want to completely cheat it.

14/11/2015: Fixed table for Afterbirth version 1.06.0060, now includes full secrets list including the new character, added the missing trinkets and new item pickup Mega Blast. Removed the Collected Items list for now, need to find a more elegant way for that so i don't have to update 440 addresses every time they change.

20/11/2015: Fixed table for Afterbirth version 1.06.0067, fixed Greed Donation script AGAIN, added Deep Pockets (id 416) to the item lists, added a No Damage script and (less exciting) a script that allows you to load old GameStates. A checksum usually prevents that, i patched it out with a script. Thanks to user darkflare, i also added Golden Hearts and you can now also unlock Endings by setting unseen ones to 1 or above.

23/11/2015: Re-added modifying the Collected Items Active (how many of X items you've picked up), which won't give visuals on your character but will be effective for most purposes. Pick an item on Selected Item and set the number of collected items below.
Also added 2 new scripts: Stores Restock was requested and does exactly that, stores restock ass oon as you buy an item. Improve Slots Chances will make slot machines almost always pay out. Should also convert any black flies it spits out into Pretty Flies.

23/12/2015: Fixed table for game version 1.06.0077. Also fixed the bug in the Get Angel Room script, and corrected an oversight in the Stores Restock script that would make it only restock consumables, not items. Oops. Also, as requested i unlocked the item selection boxes, so now you can directly enter an item ID instead of searching through the list. I also added a little script to Display the Game Version. The Table Extras will tell you which game version the table was made for.
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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth

Post by BaySejan » Thu May 11, 2017 4:35 pm

Hey! Nice work, but i couldn't get the most of it to work. I don't know why, they just don't get activated. Actually, I only got 'no damage' to work but it somehow makes my map and hp dissappear for good. Could you help? Thx allready.

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