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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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River City Ransom Underground

Post by retronutcase » Fri Mar 03, 2017 1:19 am

Looking mainly for a cheat to help me get past a really dumb part of this game. There's a sequence where you have to carry a bottle of milk that breaks if you're hit while carrying it, or if it's hit after you put it down. What I want is either...

A)Something to make the bottle unbreakable (Not sure if this is even possible?)
B)Something to make the player unhittable (Last resort and probably not a good solution considering)
C)A way to trick the game into thinking I'm carrying the milk for quest completion purposes without me actually carrying it. IE, finding whatever flag/memory handles this and using CE to force it to True. (Arguably the most feasible solution since it would not impact online modes or allow cheating in them)

Trust me when I say there are probably a LOT of players out here who would greatly appreciate this, whoever decides to take it on. We just want to get back to playing an actual beat-em-up, as opposed to Stupid Filler Quests:The Game.

Admittedly because the game does have online co-op and an arena mode, solution A or C would probably be best as these would not impact online (Milk's the only known carryable item that breaks when you get hit, other weapons just harmlessly fall to the ground). In fact I'd prefer one of those two solutions, as I'm only looking to bypass this dumb quest. I still very much want to be taking damage and such.

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