Dragon Age: Inquisition [+3]

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Dragon Age: Inquisition [+3]

Post by STN » Wed May 10, 2017 1:42 pm

Hi just want to share with you bros out there my creation.
Made by low_density
1) Set Status Script
As mana is the easiest to find, I've based this script off the mana write opcodes, and there are 5 options within it once it is enabled (Inf. Mana/Stamina, Health, Focus, Barrier, Guard)

2) Skill Cooldown (Needs testing)
This script makes the skill cooldowns of all 4 of your controllable units faster by adding a certain amount each time the opcode is executed. You can set the amount to a lower amount to make cooldowns quicker, or you can just make it instant by setting the amount higher. Note that this is not permanent and does not require any cooldown amulets to work.

3) Movement Speed (Combat) (Needs testing)
This script allows you to have faster movement speed when enabled. As it is near impossible to find the original movement speed (when not in combat), I've combined several scripts to allow toggling of battle mode (Forcing battle mode so that the combat movement speed can be altered).
By default, enable the header named "Movement Speed (Combat)" to ready the scripts, and press "Z" to force combat mode and "X" to disable it. When combat mode is forced, you can press "]" to increase movement speed, and "[" to decrease it. Also, please note that when combat mode is forced, some interactions will be disabled (those that are disabled when you are in battle) and also several functions like fast traveling and allocating ability points, so to do those you must press "X" to disable it first.

Enjoy, and please report back any bugs
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