Pillars of Eternity higher level cap + extra exp (only solo)

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Pillars of Eternity higher level cap + extra exp (only solo)

Post by STN » Wed May 10, 2017 9:59 am

I made a cheat table where it extends the level cap to about 60 and it gives you a multiplier for the experience you can gain. This will only work if you have 1 member in your party.
Made by deama1234

NOTE1: only works if you have 1 party member
NOTE2: the exp you have to get to level up from 12 to 13 is:
[hero level] * [multiplier -- default is 500] + 10,000 = exp required to level up.
NOTE3: once you have the neccessery experience to level up it will change your level to 9 and allow you to level up (so you can get talents/skills) after that it will change your level to what it should be (e.g. if you got enough to level up and your level 12 it will increase your level to 13). Make sure you level up straight away as the longer you take, the higher the risk of it screwing up.
NOTE4: you can change the multipliers, they are marked in blue.
NOTE5: If the required exp is above 66,000, then it'll screw the leveling up cause the game doesn't like it being above that number.

How to use?
download cheat engine
pick the 6.4th version.
once you've done that, install it.
once you've done **that** download the attachment below.
and once you've done that double click it and it should open up cheat engine and some stuff at the table area down below.
click on the flashing screen at the top left corner and find the process of your game, should be something like "0000105C - PillarsOfEternity.exe".
Once you have done that highlight the first script "Check -- enable this one" then press the "space" key; now wait about 8 seconds and if you see a red "X" appear on the box beside then it should work.

for version -- may not work with different versions; I used AOBs, so it should, but who knows.

*update -- if you gotten exp over the required amount and didn't get the difference back, it now transfers the difference between the requirement and your actual exp over to the next level. E.g. you got 1000 exp and the requirement to level up was 900, you would get 100 back now.
*update2 -- fixed a bug where you could not level from 11 to 12.
*update3 -- fixed a bug where if you had a save where you were level 12 and disabled and renabled the cheat and had the required amount of exp it would reset your exp without giving you a level up.
*update4 -- made it so you will only level up when out of combat
Pillars of Eternity high level cap + bonus exp 2.CT
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