Daibanchou Big Bang Age v1.15

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Daibanchou Big Bang Age v1.15

Post by STN » Tue May 09, 2017 3:43 pm


this is my Cheat Table for the Hentai sRPG Game Daibanchou Big Bang Age v1.15. Basically, it's a conversion of an ancient SpoilerAL script and users will encounter oddities.

- Edit Characters
- Edit Items
- Edit Cleargame Information
- Set/Freeze Turn
- Set Harem Progress

You will encounter quite a few unintuitive oddities when using these cheats:

Changing Money is not recommended. Most of the time the game will punish you by setting it to zero, even if you freeze it where it is. I'm looking into fixing this, but all my Code Injections so far were ... less than universally effective at doing so.

Lost pointers
When loading the game after already having loaded a game during this process' lifetime may have all Pointers invalidated. Sometimes, reconnecting CE to the game fixes this, sometimes you need to restart the game in order to restore the pointers.

New Characters aren't listed
This too happens and can be fixed the same way as loosing all pointers can be fixed.

Freezing Hitpoints but Character can still die
Yeah ... character stats are copied to a separate data store for the duration of the combat. All changes have only effect while out of combat.
If you want immortal characters, increase Evasion to 200+. There isn't a single enemy on hardmode that can hit this accurately without a skill guaranteeing a hit.

The listed Charactername is odd / Japanese / wrong
Tell me and I'll fix it. I copied the list from elsewhere and couldn't be bothered to verify each and every one of those (They are ... numerous).

The scripts section is there to do the legwork for you. You can use it to heal all characters, replenish all stamina or change all stats.
You run the script by enabling the respective entry, all scripts give feedback when they are done, many allow you to specify just what values to set.
Disabling them has no effect.

Scripts may affect some enemies (those shown on the strategic map during deployment mode may be affected). Better check so you don't do yourself a mischief. You can manually undo all unwanted changes.

If anybody finds a way to distinguish friend from foe (like the team identifier), please tell me.

Do not change Table
The scripts work by parsing the Cheat Table. Both the name of entries as well as their order is relevant to keep it going.
Change the table at your own risk.

Explaining the Levelup Attributes
Each character has quite a few Levelup Attributes. But what do they mean?
The "Levelup: <Stat>" Attributes mean that every Xth levelup, this stat will increase.
0 = Stat will never increase
1 = Stat will increase each level
2 = Stat will increase every two levels
3 = ...
This means the strongest setting would be one.
Each levelup will grant each increased stat by various hardcoded amounts (or in a hardcoded range; e.g.: 2-5).

The "Levelup XP Cost Increase" Attribute is the increase in cost to reach the next level after levelling up. Lower = Levels faster.
Levelup XP Cost Increase = 4
Level 1 --> Level 2 costs 50
Level 2 --> Level 3 costs 54
Level 3 --> Level 4 costs 58

Feature requests
If you have a feature request, speak up and I'll see whether I can do it. This whole Cheat Table was created by one gargantuan PowerShell script that automates a lot of things (you didn't seriously think I was as mad as to manually create 80 Charactersheets, did you?). That script was optimized to make extending (or reordering) the table fairly trivial, so changes might be easier to implement than you thought. For example, switching to a more reliable Pointer if you find one would be swiftly implemented for all entries in the table.

Cheers and enjoy the table,
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