Teleglitch: Die More Edition

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Teleglitch: Die More Edition

Post by STN » Tue May 09, 2017 9:45 am

Thanks to Shinkansen for his table, I used some of his injection points and
offsets in his super gun script to help find some gun values. Check out his
table (and give him a thumbs up):

To use this table, enable all the blue scripts, and enable the individual
cheats that you want to use.

Sets your health and armor to 100 each frame, and sets player 'invulnerable'

Gun Ammo Use
Fills your clip each frame

Fast Firing
Removes the firing delay for weapons, hello machine-shotgun

One Hit Kill
Uses 999999 as gun damage instead of the real damage of your gun

There are other scripts with locations for player location and inventory
if you want to investigate them, and showing you pointers for health, current
gun and location.

Change log:

Version 2 I added a check for the health code to make sure it was referencing
the player so it shouldn't affect turrets or bosses anymore. I also removed
the hotkeys. I know F6 stops monsters if you have the editor enabled and
the others might do something too.

---------------------------- NOTES ---------------------------------
In addition, the lua scripts for the game are in the game directory, for instance mine are in: O:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\TeleglitchDME\lua

So if you edit the function GetMaxItemsInStack(itemtype) in the cfunctions.lua file to be this you will be able to stack even weapons to 99:

function GetMaxItemsInStack(itemtype)
if not itemtable[itemtype] then return 1 end
if not itemtable[itemtype].stack then return 1 end
return 99
--return itemtable[itemtype].stack

In the "settings.lua" file in the main game directory there is an "editorenabled" value that you can change to 'true', then you can hit 'F1' in game and get a console where you can run lua commands. One is "health (1)" which will enable health .

You can also use player.GetPlayer():GiveItem("powerlegs") for instance to give yourself a powerlegs. You can edit levelgenerator.lua to do this every time you start a level if you want. I did just that for "detector2" (the EM detector) also.

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