Six-Guns Windows 8.1

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Six-Guns Windows 8.1

Post by STN » Tue May 09, 2017 9:35 am

This is my Table for Six-Guns from the Windows 8.1 Store (Game is also for mobile phones)

Table includes

- Player
- Health
- Horse Stamina
- Weapons
- Rusty Gun Ammo
- Burnside Carbine Ammo
- DualGun Ammo
- Witch Impaler
- Misc
- Aspa Hills Timer (Mission in Aspa Hills instant win change to 1.000.000 and freeze)
- Aspa Hills Level 50 EXP (Change to max 1.000.000)
- Aspa Hills Level 50 Money (Change to max 1.000.000)

The Aspa Hills EXP and Money are only if it's level 50, I did 10.000.000 and my account got resetted so be careful.

I'm still playing the game, so you might can expect some updates.

Aspa Hills Timer method credits to Shot-Gun.
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