Don't Starve [Steam and GOG][Full and Beta]

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Don't Starve [Steam and GOG][Full and Beta]

Post by STN » Mon May 08, 2017 8:14 pm

Standalone trainer here (tested on 21 Dec 2014):
STEAM and GOG version
Download: link here
Password: ce
game version: any (FULL and Beta, Steam and GoG)

Made by mgr.inz.Player

Trainer update, tested with recent version on Steam
(21 Dec 2014)

download: download link here
password: ce

Should also work on GoG version.

older (some links can be inactive)
Standalone trainer here (May 2013):
download: link, mirror, mirror (mega)
game version: Steam, FULL (and beta not older than 13 Feb 2013)

older older
Download link: link, mirror
game version: beta, not older than 13 Feb 2013

much older trainer (for game build from 2012), download link: link

Hunger Rate - how fast your food digest ( default value: 0.13888... )

Stomach Always Full - self explanatory, set to 1 to enable cheat.

Health Always Full - self explanatory, set to 1 to enable cheat.

Always 10 Uses Left - Axe at 10%, Shovel at 40%, Traps at 100%, Spear at 7%, etc.

Always 17 in Stack - It should freeze all stackable resources at 17, set to 1 to enable cheat.

Fuel Always Full - works for campfire, fire pit and torch


1) launch game, click continue or new game
2) when you can move your character, press ESC (pause), then press alttab
3) launch CE, attach to game process, enable script and enable cheats (set 1)
4) go to game, play. If game crashed, try again.

Known problems:
trainer - currently there aren't known problems
old CT file attached here - game can crash. Fortunately, "save state" is untouched.

AA script uses isbadreadptr, is lua_tstring and finally: string checks.
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