Edge of space v1.0 +1

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Edge of space v1.0 +1

Post by STN » Thu May 04, 2017 9:10 am

hi guys I managed to find 2 values in the game
max shield
max energy

not working....not the true address

p.s. falling and radiation hurt hp directly

update 9/26
adds 6 more line to locate memory
it should be working now, tested on newly created/old character
if scan doesn't work, take fall damage and scan again
I could really use some feedback....

I give up, doesn't work, each time I change my gear the memory changes

Here is my very first contribution to cheat engine...

This one only does infinite energy... tested on Steam 1.05 version of the game... i tried it on 2 different computer so it "should" probably work for others as well... REALLY fun to fly around with lazer weapons Wink

I only learned how to do pointers yesterday with a youtube video so if it doesnt work, please let me know and i'll make new ones! Smile

If it DOES work and people want, i'll make one to edit inventory slots amount as well... i did it for myself and it worked great... just need to figure out how to make a pointer that sticks after reload for that one as well...

Have a nice day!
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