Watch_Dogs - Cheat Compilation v1.5 [updated 25th of June]

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Watch_Dogs - Cheat Compilation v1.5 [updated 25th of June]

Post by STN » Thu May 04, 2017 9:07 am

There are about five tables floating around these parts. Each missing functions the others have. Making it an absolute P.I.T.A. for people to gather the right scripts or the right version of scripts.
Therefore I have cherry-picked the neatest and cleanest scripts. I've chosen the ones that supplied the best functionality and the best compatibility.

They've been tested on the Reloaded (Hotfix) and Steam006 executables. These both share the following MD5 hashes:
Get Windows Checksum Integration: to compare MD5 hashes. Included in table.

I've added credit to the authors in the table (see screenshot).
The following options have been put in this collection:

This table will be updated as soon as humanly possible when required (Update, Adding new scripts).
I will be keeping an eye on other tables, if new, better or unique functions are added they will be added to the compilation.
I wish to update the table Daijobu! Go here:

IMPORTANT: Make sure your Cheat Engine is running the x64 version! (cheatengine-x86_64.exe)

- Table v1.5
* Updated for game v1.03.471 - Tested on RLD patch and "fix".

- Table v1.4c
* 1.4c - Added HiSaZuL's Infinite Drinking Game timer to the Freeze Drinking game timer cheat.
[ The drinking game should never fail when you're taking too long to complete it ]
* 1.4b - Re-created Drinking Game Timer scripts from scratch (again).
* 1.4a - Re-created Drinking Game Timer scripts from scratch.
* 1.4 - Added Drinking Game Timer (Descending) - based on finding of HiSaZuL (310176) - credit inside script.

- Table v1.3b
* 1.3b - Updated player reference address pointer, now refreshes on save load!
* 1.3a - Absolute Invincibility is back! Nothing can harm you. Jump out of a speeding car or falling from a building.

- Table - v1.3
*Added Gir489's 'Disable Negative Reputation'
*Added NanoByte's Player Hook (v2) - Now includes Notoriety!

- Table - v1.2
* New Stealth Script. Labeled 'v3' - Now includes helicopters and cops in pursuit.
* Added NanoByte's 'Wanted Level' cheat.

- Table - v1.1
* Removed Absolute Invincibility until it's fixed
* Added redleouf's Invincibility (modified to AoBscan)
* Added NanoByte's 'Build a Stack' cheat.

v1.03.471 (and possibly up)

Absolute Invincibility - Reputation Adjust - Freeze Hacking Timers - Stealth/Invisible - Infinite Battery - Infinite Equipment - Disable Negative Reputation - Player Hook - Build a Stack - Wanted Level Adjust - No Reload - Infini

Made by Daijobu
(32.91 KiB) Downloaded 173 times
(39.61 KiB) Downloaded 102 times

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