HuniePop.Valentines.Day.Update.v1.2.0 Table

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HuniePop.Valentines.Day.Update.v1.2.0 Table

Post by STN » Thu May 04, 2017 6:16 am

Hi guys,

Just played this game recently. Made a quick table with AOB scripts. This was tested with both the 32bit and 64bit versions. Because the game generates code everytime the game is started, activate the scripts first time when they are gonna be used example (Food script when talking with girl, Moves script when on date). Once it has activated once it will remain valid until you restart the game.

Scripts in the table:

FoodAOb script: (Activate when speaking to a girl)
This will never decrease the hunger for the girl and will populate some addresses like Love, Hunger and alchohol.

MovesAOB script: (Activate first time on a date)
This will give you max moves that never run out. It will also populate some useful addresses for the date. Like score etc. You can freeze score with increase only for easy win on night date.

HunieAOB script: (Activate when talking to girl)
This sets Hunie to 99999 everytime you are below 30000 automatically whenever the Hunie value changes. It will also populate Hunie and Money addresses.

Im gonna be away for a couple of months for exams so I cant really fix any broken stuff until then.(Sorry). Hopefully it works and enjoy Razz

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