Mark of The Ninja Spercial Edition - GOG and Steam

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Mark of The Ninja Spercial Edition - GOG and Steam

Post by STN » Thu May 04, 2017 6:11 am

A small table i made for personal use with both common and uncommon functions. Adapted it for release and tested. Please follow the instructions closely, while simple this small set of info will hopefully answer anything you may need

Common Functions: Unlimited Items Use - No Cooldown

Uncommon Functions: Item Swapping

The two starting Headers are divided by STATIC and AOB. STATIC is meant fot the lastest GOG version of the game, while AOB should work for any version, Steam included. Use ONLY ONE, NOT BOTH

This scripts are fairly straightforward

- How Many Items: Set here how many items you wish to have every time your character use an item. The value may change in game if the value you set is higher or lower then max-min normally allowed while triggering a checkpoint, but no problem has been reported. Set the value to 0 to allow normal item decrease (Default 2)

- Items Cooldown: Set to 1 to remove any item cooldown, including the teleporting ability. Set it to 0 to process the cooldown normally. (Default 1)

The item swapper do exactly as the name suggest, permit the player to swap item slot from 2 to 4 with any other item or ability on the fly, recommended but not required, to be used with the common script above described for best result

This section is divided into two parts, write and read


Write, is the old section i originally made, still fully functional and necessary to change slot 4, as the read function never touch it, or if the player wish to change items by using them for some reason. This script is also divided into two sections, respectively named First Section and Second Section. Permit the user to change the selected slot, the one where the item will be activated

The First Section: Useful to change slot 2 and 3 simultaneously, or to change slot 4; This last two options are available by using the "Set Next Slot Item".

The Second Section: is necessary to change the item slot of the BASIC COSTUME ONLY, the one you'll start the game with, as it use a different method to store items in memory. Same use as First Section

Instructions: After Enabling the script, remember to use or have used at least 1 item or teleportation in this session (a session end when you close the .exe), then go on the table extras and find the hexadecimal code the game use to access the database line of the item you want. Simply paste the code where you want, be it "Item Type" to change the used slot, or the "Set Next Slot Item" of the slot you want to use; then simply use it. The item will change accordingly


The read section is the last i made, and i strongly suggest to use this one as is far simpler and practical to use. This script change the cycle on reading of the items slot 2 and 3 respectively, permitting to alter the item immediately without needing to use it. As a limitation, the game do not assign the read function to slot 4, to change that you'll need to use the write section, also certain costumes invert the memory where the slot item ID is stored, so that try to change the 2nd slot actually alter the 3rd, and altering the 3rd actually change the 2nd. I noticed this on the Hunter costume, and when the special costume for the desert fortress is used (when you are unharmed), that special costume remain in use until your character find a blade again if you never close your gaming session, or load another level

Instructions: The read part is far simpler to use, simply press the assigned hotkeys while in game, remember to have used at least 1 item in this session first. Press the item slot again to renew the icon and the control function the game use (be it slot 2 or 3) and done, your item is changed. You don't need to select the slot you want to change before doing so, as the read function assign the two slots independently, so feel free to alter slot 3 while the 2nd is selected


All Hotkeys are properly named, and use NUMPAD to work. Feel free to reassign them if you wish

Slot 2

1: Trap
2: Hisomu Terror Dart
3: Ravenous Insects
4: Fungal Spores
5: Smoke Bomb
6: Dusk Moths
7: Cardboard Box
8: Noise Maker
9: Distraction Flare
+: Caltrops

Slot 3

Same as Slot 2, but keeping ALT pressed

//////////////Final Notes\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Sadly it's not possible to add teleportation to a costume that already do not have it, as the whole ability is based on an animation sequence simply not present in other costumes. It's possible to forcefully add the ability with the Write script, but seeing the character "Still Jumping" like an idiot and triggering every laser tripwire along the way is funny as it sounds

For the curious one the Chain code is actually the grapple, no need to use it at all in the active items slots, beside the cool icon perhaps

//////////////Common Questions, PLEASE READ!\\\\\\\\\\

Q: It's possible to add items i still haven't unlocked?

A: Yes, but items without upgrades will act as their own basic type. Items that do not have upgrades are good to go

Q: Certain costumes have Empty items slots, can i use them?

A: No, there are no empty item slots memory wise. When a slot is unused by a costume the memory necessary to store the ID is simply not loaded, and the 3rd slot is controlled by the 2nd memory slot. The empty slot in the UI is figurative and actually do not exist

Q: Can i change the Bamboo Darts?

A: Not really, it's possible but with the read functions is not necessary, and every test i have done with it ended up to destabilize the game memory in the long run, it seems that this particular slot is not meant to be touched at all, by anything, so try to alter it at your own risk

Q: Can i add teleportation to any costumes?

A: Unfortunately no, the teleportation ability is dependent on an animation unique for that costume, and another not selectable to the player. Without the right animation it just do not work. With the read function however you can have all items in just one slot and change them on the fly, so just change that costume 3rd slot(Controlled by the 2nd slot hotkeys on this costume) to the item you want instead

Q: Are slot item specific (Distractions, Attack)?

A: Nope, feel free to go nuts on them

Q: I exhausted my items! Can i renew them?

A: Remember to have enabled the first script to avoid that, and set a value different then 0 in it. Yes btw, use the write function to forcefully rewrite your item, then use sight, or teleport power to trigger it. First Section for all costume but Basic, and Second Section for the Basic Costume, use the next or previous functions

Q: Does this table work in Dosan story?

A: Yes it work, but because the memory is allocated differently, to use the item swapper in the DLC story it's necessary to do two things. First one need to find the first item, should be the "Dusk Moths", then reach the first checkpoints and reload it, yes the checkpoints you just reached. Now the hotkeys to edit the 3rd slot will change the 2nd one normally, remember to keep pressed ALT to swap the 3rd slot items

Q: It's possible to give myself an item during the Desert Fortress level?

A: Yes, but you'll need to alter the 4th slot to do so, as the special costume your character is equipped with for this particular level simply do not have the 3rd slot in memory at all. To do so use the write function FIRST SECTION, then paste the code of the item you want in the "Set Next Slot Item"; then simply teleport once. Remember that by doing so your character will lose the Sight Power as normally that is the only ability active in the 4th slot

Setting the "Set Next Slot Item" value to 2 will restore your character Sight Power next time you'll use teleport

Also remember that the 4th slot is normally not meant to store items at all and do not save whatever you put in it, as such every time you reload a checkpoint or die the 4th slot ability will restore itself to the Sight Power. You can change it again of course

Made by Shiren
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