Fallout 4 - resources (crafting mats)

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Fallout 4 - resources (crafting mats)

Post by STN » Thu May 04, 2017 6:10 am

Made a simple txt file which lets you free yourself from the hassle of collecting the resources, it lets you have all resources in the game, unless i missed one or a couple heheh anyways here is how to use this:

1. Download this: silkroad.3dn.ru/AdminThings/Resources.rar
It's just a packed into .rar .txt file, nothing else.
2. Put this file into the game folder that contains the game .exe (Fallout4.exe)
3. Go into the game and now PAY ATTENTION, you must only use this near a workbench so that you can unload all the resources right away because your weight will be around 77k when you use this.
So yeah, right after use you open the workbench (default R key) and press (default T key) to unload the junk (resources considered junk in Fallout 4).

4. Now then, you just open the console (default ~ key) and type: bat resources, which will add 9999 of each resource to your inventory.

Enjoy it boys, i know i do. Rolling Eyes

PS: And yeah this way you can just load to the brim any of your settlements and just start building, hf.

Made by Merkadis

Or you could just lie to the game and say you have all the components to craft. I did something similar for Far Cry 4. Just look at what reads your crafting resources when you go to craft. Then replace that call with something.

Should be like CMP EAX, ECX JNE EXIT or something like that.


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