The Escapists: The Walking Dead

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The Escapists: The Walking Dead

Post by STN » Thu May 04, 2017 5:59 am

The Escapists: The Walking Dead (IGG Release)

---->Infinite Health
---->Instant Kill
+Set Stats
+Instant Interactions
+Stop Death Timer
+Time Flow

+Instant Interactions

*** NOTES ***

*Lose health first so AOB generates
*"Infinite Health" doesn't cover team members so they can die instantly if "Instant Kill" is activated, to make up for this I added "Stop Death Timer"
*Filters might be wrong, but they're working for me so far. Ill look further into preventing team from dying.

Set Stats
*Actual fatigue value = ON SCREEN value - INPUT value, basically, leave at 0 if you want 100 on the screen.

Instant Interactions
No time between opening rucksacks, desks, etc.

Time Flow
*Enter a positive value to speed up time
*Enter a negative value below 1.5 to rewind time
^^^Doesn't rewind days, if you go below 0 the clock will turn negative
*A value ~-1.45 stops time (kinda Rolling Eyes)

Made by vng21092
The Escapists - The Walking Dead.CT
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