Monstergirl (Monmusu) Quest Part 1 AND 2 Trainer +2

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Monstergirl (Monmusu) Quest Part 1 AND 2 Trainer +2

Post by STN » Thu May 04, 2017 5:35 am

I just made this a few minutes ago using a simple search. I've tested it and it works so far for me.

I made this basic table because I couldn't find one myself.

It contains current health, max health, and skill points.

Keep in mind you can die with frozen health. Some attacks keep repeating until your death, so if you freeze your health you'll simply keep getting attacked forever.

EDIT: It seems that after using a skill, your skill points go down to what they originally were. I.e. if you start with 4 skill points, change it to 16, after using any skill, it goes down to 4. Using another skill will then bring it back to 16. You should always be able to use the skill however, because it only brings it down to what your max skill is, and the game doesn't give you any skills that require more than the max amount of skill points you have

EDIT by Geri: I have deleted the name of the website, people will find the game for themselves if they need it.

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