Mars War Logs

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Mars War Logs

Post by STN » Wed May 03, 2017 11:26 am

***** Version 4 update - Steam version as of 5/3/2014 - now use aobscanmodule
***** Version 3 update - Companion, Speed Improvements, Fluid script *****
***** Version 2 update - Speed and Inventory *****

1) Health
2) One-hit kills
3) Skill/Feature Points
4) Character Editing
5) No Inventory Use (including ammo)
6) Game Speed (slower or faster)

SCRIPT: Damage - has flags for health and one-hit kills. health should affect your companions but if it does not then one hit kills will. Since they get up after a fight I don't think it's a big deal.

SCRIPT: Unlimited Feature/Skill Points - It will look like you have 100 of each and you can spend them, but the game still keeps track of how many you spent so if you disable the cheat the values could be negative

SCRIPT: No Inventory Use (including ammo) - Enable this and you won't use nailgun ammo when shooting and you won't lose materials when crafting.

SCRIPT: Speed - Enable this and then toggle slow motion with F6 and fast motion with F7. Slow motion overrides fast motion so you can leave fast motion enabled and just slow down when you want to. Multipliers are in the table along with the pointer to the base structure for investigation Holding LSHIFT will also set fast speed while it's held down unless you disable the fShiftFastMotion flag by setting it to 0

SCRIPT: Fluid -You do not use fluid when using technomancy, actually it is set to max.

SCRIPT: Health Display (Player Pointer) - just stores the player pointer and has some variables you can change. Use the structure dissector (CTRL+M to open memory viewer then CTRL+D to open structure dissector) and use that pointer to find other goodies if you want. Most values seem to be calculated and I think cumulative. For instance there's a value for weapon damage that changed from 9 to 10 when I switched weapons. When I changed it to 999 it then changed from 998 to 999 and back. There's lots of goodies there like regen, stealth bonuses, etc.

Since Game.dll is loaded into random high memory the AOB scans take a while, so I just used asserts and hard-coded addresses. I've pasted the whole game function in the scripts comments so it should be trivial to find the new locations after a game update.

***** Version 3 Update *****

Speed: Hotkeys now F6/F7 to not interfere with game quicksave at F5
Speed: Use different modifier to not interfere with other game speed altering effects like combat spell and quick menu
Speed: Shift key now will enable fast speed, basically letting you run faster, this is disable-able with a flag
Health: Now affects kid and hopefully other companions (found string com_kid2 and check com_ part)

Changed speed hotkeys to F6/F7 to not interfere with quicksave at F5
Changed speed cheat to use another value to not interfere with existing methods of altering game speed such as pause menu[/list]

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