Galaxy Angel Moonlit Lovers/Eternal Lovers

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Galaxy Angel Moonlit Lovers/Eternal Lovers

Post by STN » Wed May 03, 2017 11:17 am

Does anyone want to take a crack at making a table/trainer for one of these (preferably both)?
Made by Sir96
With my limited skills, I have created a crappy full health script that affects both your units and the enemy's.

Well, after watching a few more tut videos, I have created a pointer scan for health and energy. It's pretty iffy, but does the job.

Basically, the health and energy values shown on the table belongs to the unit you have currently selected, friend or foe.
I just use it to set the enemy's health to 0 (for instant death) or 1 (for letting your units earn kills). I haven't touched Eternal lovers yet (since I'm currently playing Moonlit).

Added Spirit
Works the same as health and energy ^

Edit 10/28/15:
Removed V1 and V2, since they were pretty much there for me.

I would appreciate feedback and questions are welcomed (will answer to the best of my abilities).
Galaxy Angel ML V3.CT
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