Fable Anniversary [updated for build 832816]

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Fable Anniversary [updated for build 832816]

Post by STN » Wed May 03, 2017 11:16 am

Here is an AOB based set of scripts, tested with the STEAM version.

- Updated for build 832816

- Fixed red, yellow and blue exp script.
- Added combat multiplier script.

Just activate all the scripts (both for experience points)

TAB back into the game (NOT into the pause menu, the GAME) to update all the values.

- Unlimited Health
- Unlimited Mana
- Gold

- Edit the gold amount manually.
- Or use the option to add 10000 gold.

- Combat Multiplier

- Just enter a multiplier and freeze it to keep it there.
- Or freeze it and allow it to increase and watch it go to new heights.

- Experience Points

- Edit each of the experience points manually.

Unlimited Health
Unlimited Mana
Combat Multiplier
Experience Points
Made by chASM
Fable Anniversary.CT
(19.46 KiB) Downloaded 870 times

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