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evoland 2

Post by STN » Wed May 03, 2017 10:54 am

bytecode table, apply cheat as soon as possible before start/load a game. The cheat effect will last till app close.

Similar cheat group with a [A] or mark, apply only one of them in group.

Try drag and drop the cheats under [EvoLand 2 (click 1st)] entry and save, then apply them in one click. [EvoLand 2 (click 1st)] itself is a script (some lua function) has to be applied 1st.

The game is in adobe air/flash, including at least 4 similar *.swf. Each *.swf should represent some historical stage of game era, eg. 2d->iso->3d for action rpg as an example. Each .swf handle different genre with respective era. Currently, I only reach 2d-arpg & platformer of some early era. There are possible other genres,eg. the ff-atb-style jrpg command btl, turn-base tactical , shooting? , mario style platformer?, vs fight etc.
So, not all cheat has been checked. Not checked cheats are mark with ? here.
Not known if effective cheat survive when era changed.

Update 15--8-29

- charge speed x2
- [C]timescale/rapid for arpg (2x overall, or 4x only for attack)
- multi jump for platformer
- rapid for platformer
- quick cooldown for energy bar (general)
- no hurt reaction (side effect zombie undead, read note inside script)
- dmg to hero / 10000, (min 1)
- allow negative dmg and heal 10 when dmg < 0 (global, but negative dmg should only from cheat, eg the following merman cheat.)
+-- heor is merman/mermaid (platformer), heal when no air under water
? hero & ally haste and icearmor (atb battle)
? weapontime extended and max weapon level (shooting?)
? rapidx4 (shooting?)
? [A]timescale for vs fight

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