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Rebel Galaxy (STEAM)

Post by STN » Wed May 03, 2017 10:53 am

TO Use:
1) Enable all the BLUE SCRIPTS
2) The GREEN '<--- Cheats' section has individual cheat flags
3) The BLACK '<--- Ship' section has editable and lockable ship variables
4) The BLACK '<--- Reputation' section has editable reputation values (-1000 to 1000)


* God Mode - Skips damage routine, safe to hit asteroids and get fired on from anything I've noticed.
* Deflector Power - keeps player's deflectors powered up
* Shields - keeps player's shields at full power
* Hull - keeps player's hull at full strength
* Missiles - sets player's missiles to 100 when firing secondaries
* Booster - Unlimited booster
* Broadside Aiming - Quickly narrows broadside aiming to make it accurate
* Broadside Fire Rate - Fire broadsides as fast as you can click
* Turret Fire Rate - AI on player ship will annihilate enemies
* Turret Heating - No more overheating for player's ship
* Non-Player Slow Weapons - Actually keeps all non-player ships from firing most weapons
* Fast Missile Reload - File missiles as fast as you can hit SHIFT
* Strengthen Target (TOGGLE) - Assign a key if you want, enabling OR disabling will give your current target 1,000,000 shields and hull
* F1: Protect Target - Bound to F1 key, will mark your current target as protected so they cannot be harmed
* F2: Weaken Target - Bound to F2 key, will set target's shields and hull to zero


* The player's ship pointer is set in space, so if you switch ships or haven't left dock yet when starting the game, you wont' be able to edit things until you leave the space port.
* I like setting the Max Turn Rate Bonus and Turn Acceleration Bonus to about 50.0, Warp Delay to 0.0 and Tractor Beam Range to 4000.0
* The Reputation values require a pointer set when you hit 'CTRL' in space and can see your reputation. If your reputation isn't in the list, try more memory around that area, or look up the pReputation pointer under '<---- Pointers' and hit CTRL+M then CTRL+D to open the structure dissector and investigate it more.
* The F1: Protect Target operates in space as well and will play me saying 'Protected' or 'Cleared' depending on the state.

Rebel Galaxy (Steam) Table as of 2015-12-22

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