Darkwood [Alpha v6.0]

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Darkwood [Alpha v6.0]

Post by STN » Wed May 03, 2017 10:51 am

Hi, after playing this game for a while, I found it to be quite interesting, so I decided to make a table for it (Darkwood). Here are the options:
Made by low_density
1) Player script
- This script is for setting player's health and stamina, so that the player will not die, and have unlimited mana. After enabling this script, several options will show, to enable the corresponding option, please activate/deactivate the "Toggle >> " scripts. The other options are for debugging purposes. For example, if you wish to enable inf. health, activate the "Toggle >> Enable Inf. Health" script, and so on.

2) Inf. Item Durability (Current)
- This script is for setting the durability of the weapon/item you are currently (as far as I know) equipped (highlighted in hotbar).

3) Item
- AFter enabling this script, to see the effect, please go into you inventory menu, and select an item (either in hotbar or inventory, select means to click on it, the item will be removed from the original slot it is in). You will see that the item will stick to your cursor, and then the amount of the item that you selected will be shown in the option under the script. You can set the amount to whatever number you like, and then in the game, place the item back into a slot to see the number get updated. For items that are not stackable, for example axe, after setting the amount you want and putting it back into the slot, you will need to Ctrl+Click on the axe to take out the rest. The actual number will not be shown on top left of the item because it is NOT stackable, but by doing Ctrl+Click you can take it out one by one.

4) Weapon Ammo (Current)
- This script will allow you to have unlimited amount of clip in your currently equipped (shootable) weapon (guns).

5) Last Item Used
- This script will make the game stop reducing the amount of items in your inventory/hotbar when used. (Does not work for single items, must at least have two for this to work). This works for usable items (molotovs, pills, etc) and when you are crafting items.

Remember, to actually activate the options, for example, Inf Health, you need to activate the script "Toggle >> Enable Inf. Health". In general, to activate options, activate the script named "Toggle >> something" for the something to work. That's all, enjoy the game! Very Happy
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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: Darkwood [Alpha v6.0]

Post by ArrowHeart » Thu Jun 08, 2017 1:37 pm

Greetings STN,

I was so glad to see, that your table of Darkwood is up here.
Now the game's up in Beta-Status and the value pointers for the player stats have changed yet again. Interestingly the item scripts still work.
Any chance that you look into the new player stat pointers so that your script can manipulate health and stamina for the beta or the completed game?

Thanks for your hard work so far.

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