La-Mulana v1.5.5.2 (STEAM)

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La-Mulana v1.5.5.2 (STEAM)

Post by STN » Tue May 02, 2017 3:13 am

Friend of mine recommended this game as a hard platformer, and Steam has it for $1.75 or something so I grabbed it and it's quite easy to mess with.


So now that I realized I need to go into the first tent to actually start the game proper... I updated the table with what I've done so far, including an AOB scan for the player stats (none for inventory yet).

Added and updated AOB scans for both player stats and inventory, updated with caltrops, added invulnerability and hotkeys for teleporting (alt+arrows). If you teleport into a room that doesn't exist, the game will just dump you back at the starting room.

I know this is a bit late, but I figured it could help someone someday. I essentially took Rydian's table and added what I had to it along with a few additions and removed the overlaps with Rydian's versions. I also updated my code to be more similar to Rydian's.

Main additions:

Simple click turn on for script groups
Lamp of Time infinite
All consumable items infinite (except ankh jewels which should not be changed (but can be))

Pointers for almost all items based on Rydian's code (Though I'm tempted to switch back to my code, Rydian's works fairly well).

Game Time stop (For anyone having a hard time with the 10 hour achievement)

Some usage notes:

There may be some issues with turning on certain scripts before you acquire the related item.

Changing values manually will not work properly if an item does not exist in the inventory (I'm not fixing this because it could potentially break the game).

Under the Flame Activation (advanced) group, there are numbers given. These numbers are the numbers for having an active lamp of time.

If Infinite Flame is turned on, the Disable Flame Counters should be turned on as well. Otherwise, there may be serious bugs involved. Turning on infinite flame should automatically turn on both.

Infinite Bombs give one less than the maximum. This is to prevent the game from crashing due to having more bombs than possible (due to how bombs work).

If you do not know what the proper equivalent time is, the time code should still allow you to set it to 0 and work - Just wait a few seconds and your time will be 00:00:00)

Stopping game time may affect certain events, but will not affect countdown timers or lamp of time duration.

The game time stop code isn't fully tested, but worked through several tests.


Other notes:

While I was tempted to add in a disable countdown timer and a freeze time script (that would freeze time even without the lamp), I decided not to as it could potentially lead to some very hazardous results.
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