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Kingdom Hearts

Post by STN » Tue May 02, 2017 2:58 am

I felt a little nostalgic, and decided to play this game again...

Here is the first version of my cheat tables. It includes:

Health, Max HP/MP, Strength, Defense, Experience To Next Level Up for SORA, DONALD, and GOOFY....As well as 99999 Munny

I will work on some other characters when I find some time...


UPDATE 1.0****

Added the HEALTH BARS, Both HP, and MP for Sora, Donald, and Goofy. So now, they can cast UNLIMITED MAGIC, and have TRUE UNLIMITED HEALTH...


It seems that in some cases, your enemies benefit with the INFINITE HEALTH, and won't die when you try and kill them..This happened to me in the JUNGLE...It usually occurs when you SWITCH PARTIES...So, TURN OFF THE DONALD AND GOOFY HEALTH/MP BARS, then kill them...You can turn them back on after...


If you use the HAVE ALL TRINITY FOUND CODES, it completes it in the Journal, but I do not know what happens if you use those particular codes, then try to use trinity's as well..


You MAY, have to activate the codes BEFORE YOU LOAD THE GAME, in order to make the trinity's appear in the journal...That is how I got them to work.

YOU CANNOT COLLECT ALL TRINITY'S because some are STORY BASED, and your game will FREEZE...

So far, you can get ALL TRINITY's EXCEPT The Yellow one in the Colliseum next to the big stone..

I haven't gotten that far along in the game yet to list the others..

UPDATE 1.1***

I found, and added codes for MAX SLOT ITEMS. So whatever Item is in that slot, you can put the value anywhere from 1 - 99 to get that amount. I have done the first 27 slots so far, because that's all the items slots I have at the moment..Still pretty early in the game for me, especially, while coming up with these codes.

FINAL UPDATE - Kingdom Hearts Complete*****

Ok, I've added all the best codes you need for the game. Please be sure to read the NOTES IN PARENTHESIS...

Here is what I have:

Infinite HP/MP For all characters. The value max is 255

Infinite GREEN HEALTH BAR and INFINITE BLUE MP BAR (max value 255 for BOTH.. for Sora, Donald, and Goofy. (NOTE: SOME WORLDS, USING THESE HEALTH BAR CODES MAKE ENEMIES INVINCIBLE WHEN YOU CHANGE SCREENS..AGRABAH, HALLOWEEN TOWN, and ATLANTICA is where I eperienced this....Just deactivate these codes to kill enemies, but you can receive damage too. just use potions and ethers..

Max Level codes for all characters. Max value 99

Max experience all characters. (Change code to HEX, then put in like 99,000. You will level up FAST with one hit, and get a bunch of abilities associated with each level you gain. then, just change the experience value BACK to what it was before!)

Experience to next level all characters..(Doesn't do much..just use the experience method above.)

Munny code - 99999 Max value

Max Item slots 1 - 52. Whatever item is in each slot, you can change the value. Max value is 99. (THE ITEM SLOT NUMBER MAY CHANGE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ALL THE ITEMS...GET ITEMS, then look at the number you have in STOCK. you can change the value accordingly. DO NOT CHANGE THE VALUE OF KEY ITEMS. It can stop the game from progressing..I did it by mistake with the NAVI GUMMIS, and Cid didn't fix the gummi ship completely.)

Max score for 100 ACRE WOOD/SET TIMER 100 ACRE WOOD - max value is 999 for SCORE. (THIS WORKS ONLY FOR "POOH'S HUNNY HUNT" and "BLOCK TIGGER." Just set the score value to 999 FIRST, then WAIT TILL YOU SEE THE TIMER APPEAR AT THE BEGINNING AND PAUSE THE GAME. Then, change the timer value to "0" Then unpause...THe game should end IMMEDIATELY, and although it MAY say your score is 0, you still complete it, and the PAGE TURNS INTO THE KEY ITEM. DO NOT USE FOR THE OTHER GAMES!!)

ALL TRINITYS - (Change to HEX, then put the value at 0000001F)

SUPER HIGH JUMP - I LOVE THIS CODE! You can jump ridiculously high from the start...Reach all those items, you normally can't..EVEN BEFORE GETTING THE HIGH JUMP ABILITY. (Change the code to HEX, then put in the value 45000000. Be careful using this code in places like AGRABAH where you may go through buildings..Or 100 Acre Wood Bounce game or Tigger's Giant Pot game..UNLESS YOU HAVE SKILLS WITH THE CONTROLS. I have two of them one's 4 Bytes, one is a float..Use either.

Sora Have all Magic - (Change to HEX, and make value 0000007F)

Sora Absorb Physical Damage/Fire/Ice/Lightning/Dark Damage - These codes are IFFY, so use at your own risk...THE GAME MAY FREEZE USING THEM. (Change to HEX, then use the value BF800000. It's almost the same as the health code...)

Sora Shared Ability Slot 1 - Values = High Jump 01, Mermaid Kick 02, Glide 03, Superglide 04. Unfortunately, I can't find the rest...But you should be fine with at least one shared ability to start.I used SUPERGLIDE, along with the SUPER HIGH JUMP code above..(Once you activate the ability, deactivate the code, it will stay if you save your game.. I even used it at DESTINY ISLANDS)

Press Start to Save Anywhere - This code works but is glitchy..If you use it, ONLY USE IT TO SAVE THEN TURN IT OFF...

Quick Coliseum Barrel Challenge - Works for BOTH challenges..

Infinite Coliseum Time - You don't need this really, if you use the code above.

Strength and Defense for All Characters. Value Max is 100. (255 will work, but doesn't do anything extra.)

Max AP for all characters. Max value is 255. (a couple may be like 235, but it's MORE THAN ENOUGH AP)


Made by Rallo617
Kingdom Hearts Complete.CT
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Re: Kingdom Hearts

Post by KyoSune » Tue May 09, 2017 10:33 am

Silly question, is this for PCSX2? If so, which version? Final Mix or original pal/ntsc/ntsc-j?

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