Rise of Nations Extended Edition

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Rise of Nations Extended Edition

Post by STN » Tue May 02, 2017 2:57 am

Here is a Cheat Engine table and CEtrainer for Rise of Nations Extended Edition.
I have made it with 0.2009.9.1500 file version, but some options may work with different versions too.
Made by Geri
These cheats are just remakes of my very old private cheats for the original game, but at the moment I don't want to spend more time to improve them.

Don't ask for more options or updates or improvements or anything, just wait until someone else will make better cheats.

Red/Blue player population
Unlimited Population for human player
Instant unit production for Red/Blue player
God Mode for Red/Blue player
God Mode + Instant Kill for Red/Blue player

Population is static address, it is stored on a specific address for each color. This cheat will not work with other game versions, but it's very easy to do it by yourself.

Instant unit production for Red/Blue player: It will work for the selected color.

God Mode for Red/Blue player: Same, it will work for the selected color.

You can use only one of the god mode and instant production cheats at the same time.
I didn't add more colors, because these are used for the campaign and I am lazy, but you can change the script easily, the color IDs are

0 Red
1 Blue
2 Purple
3 Green
4 Yellow
5 Cyan
6 White
7 Orange

so just change the number in this line

cmp byte [ebx+3E],0

and you are done with it.

Also, as the game is rather crappy at the moment, ALT+TAB in full-screen will most likely cause the loss of sound, so I have attached a CEtrainer that you can use without ALT+TAB.

And for more cheats, you can use the old built-in cheats:

Hit ENTER and type:

cheat pause [1|0] - pause game
cheat sandbox - sets all players to human and the map to reveal all
cheat ai [on|off|debug]
cheat safe - safe creates lots of machine guns around every human capital
cheat diff [?:0-5] - sets difficulty
cheat achieve - Display Achievements
cheat ally (ally[who]) - force alliance with nation
cheat peace (peace[who]) - force peace with nation
cheat war (war[who]) - force war with nation
cheat meet (meet[who]) - force encounter with nation
cheat unmeet (unmeet[who]) - force encounter-off with nation
cheat human (human[who]) - turn off computer control
cheat computer (computer[who]) - turn on computer control
cheat defeat (defeat[who]) - defeat nation
cheat victory (victory[who]) - victory for nation
cheat tech (tech[who][tech|all][(on|off)]) - show or change technology
cheat resource (resource[who][goodtype|all][+|-][amount])
cheat age (age[age][who]) - show or change age for nation
cheat military (military[level][who]) - show or change military level for nation
cheat civic (civic[level][who]) - show or change civic level for nation
cheat commerce (commerce[level][who]) - show or change commerce level for nation
cheat science (science[level][who]) - show or change science level for nation
cheat library (library[level][who]) - show or change all library tech levels for nation
cheat bbox (1|0) - Toggle bounding box mode
cheat ranges (1|0) - show combat ranges
cheat die (die[o[,who]|select]) - kill object or all selected
cheat damage (damage(o[,who]|select)[+|-]damage ) - adjust damage to object or all selected
cheat insert (insert[#]typename[who=RED][x,y]) - insert unit or building at mouse loc
cheat add (add[#]typename[who=RED][x,y]) - insert unit or building at mouse loc
cheat finish (finish) - Finishes selected building(s) or next item in queue
cheat bird - Drop a Wild Bird at Mouse
cheat nuke - Drop a Nuke at mouse position
cheat pack - Packs the currently selected unit(s), if they are packing units
cheat deploy - Deploys the currently selected unit(s), if they are deploying units
cheat reveal (reveal[1|0]) - toggle reveal map
cheat explore (explore[normal|explored|all]) - change game explore config
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