Jasper's Journeys Cheat Table +20

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Jasper's Journeys Cheat Table +20

Post by STN » Tue May 02, 2017 2:40 am

Before I begin telling about my table, this table is for version 2.2.0 only!

Okey, I have released trainers but not tables for this game in past years. I love Jasper's journeys so much Smile

Here is probably my first and last table for it. It is missing stuff but I can update if I find it interesting...

Made by althir

Flying without potion


Add fruits (Numpad 1)
Add treasure (Numpad 2)
Add shields (Numpad 3) (Stuck? Hit F12 for suicide)
Change character (1 and 2, no numpad)
Invisibility (numpad 4) (Disables if you beat level or suicide)
Fall from the sky (Q)
Noclip (up down) (W & S)
Fly (without potion) (Hold SHIFT + Jump key)
Open inn everywhere (Save, shop) (Numpad 5)
Level skip (Numpad 6)
Give items ( F1-F8 )
+ Some debugging stuff (no hotkeys)

There's hotkeys pre-set on the table. Change them if you want! Smile

What are you waiting for? Grab the table and enjoy! Wink
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